Hair loss, which is thought to be mostly seen in men,it is actually can be a nightmare for women,too. However, it can be considered as an advantage of women that they can cover the spilled areas with their long hair. Nevertheless, the spilled area may be too large to close or the entire hair may be lost. whether or not hair loss is small area or large area, hair transplantation is can be applied to women like applying men to purpose of reaching their natural hair. There is no distinction in this topic.

There is no need to wait for the all hair loss or regional hair loss to make hair transplantation done. Also the women who have sparse hair can have hair transplantation done for more intensive hair appearance. However, it is important to notice that the reason of hair loss,too. Factors such as various diseases, stress, seasonal transitions or pregnancy menopause can be effective in hair loss. In such cases, drug treatment, prp or hair mesotherapy can stop hair loss. However, if hair loss has occurred due to different causes and medical treatment is not possible, a decision of hair transplantation can be given under the opinion of an expert. The identification and treatment of causative diseases have great importance for successful results in hair transplantation.

The same methods are used for women as use as for men. Hair roots taken from the donor region are transferred to the region to be hair transplantation. Local anesthesia will be applied to the donor region and the region to be hair transplantation before application, so there is no pain or pain during the operation.

Since women have decided to make hair transplantation, they can get successful results in both Fue and Dhi method as long as they take the right steps in expert control. It will be properly to talk with experts about which method they want to do hair transplantation.

The most important issue that women are hesitant about hair transplantation is whether their hair must be completely cut. With the DHI method used in hair transplantation, not the whole hair, just the donor region is shaved. due to the donor zone is at the back of the head, it will be easy to cover this area with other hair.