Wondering About Laser Epilation !

What about the laser epilation sessions and intervals ?

The length of the bristles is different in the application area. For this reason, it will not be possible to get results in a single session.
Skin type and body structure can also cause changes in application times.
The width of the area to be treated may affect the duration of the session.
Frequency of application varies for these reasons.

How many sessions does laser epilation end ?

If we give an average answer, applications can take between 4 and 8 sessions in
areas such as armpits, lower legs, bikini area.
It can take 6 to 12 sessions in areas such as face, arm and back.

What should I consider before and after laser epilation ?

Sunbathing and solarium reduces the effectiveness of the laser.
Care products such as cream should not be used before the procedure.
Hairs should be extended one month before application.
The hair should be shortened with a razor the day before the session and prepared for the procedure.
The application area should not be exposed to the sun while it is red.
Hairs in the process area should not be interfered.
Care should be taken to keep the application area dry.
It should not be exposed to heat such as hot water, hair dryer or fiber cleaning.

Is skin color important in laser epilation ?

Laser epilation shows a faster effect on white skin and dark hair. In people with dark skin, the skin should be cooled and treated to protect the epidermis before the procedure. In new technological laser devices, applications can be carried out easily by adjusting the dose for dark skin.

Are there any side effects of laser epilation ?

There is no harm for the skin. There is no known connection of laser epilation with skin cancer. The laser used is applied under the skin. It is aimed to burn the root by shining laser light on melanin pigment in the hair root. It targets the roots of the hairs without damaging the sweat glands. Although we can count painlessly compared to other laser operations, some pain may be felt during application. Afterwards, slight redness and edema may occur. In these cases, if you take into account the recommendations of your experts, it will be corrected in a short time. In addition to this, although there are side effects such as thin crust, hyper and hypopigmentation in vesicles, all of them are temporary complications.

Are laser hair epilation results permanent ?

It is not possible to regrow the hairs after a regular session. It gives fast and effective results.As the hair roots are destroyed, a permanent effect is provided.