Hair is an indispensable part of our beauty. Everyone wants to have strong and voluminous hair. Hair health is very important to look well-groomed. Many factors such as seasonal changes, nutritional habits, stress, wrong product use, and various diseases can disrupt the health of our hair. Moreover, this situation negatively affects the psychology of the person.

Each strand has a life span. A strand lives 4-6 years, then rests and then strand loss occurs. A healthy scalp contains 100 thousand hairs. 100-150 hair loss per day in adults is considered normal. In a healthy scalp, this process takes up to 2 months. It can repeat this process 3 times a year. The frequency and severity of this process may warn you of some diseases. Hair loss starts 3-4 months after the affected factor and may return to normal after the 6-12 months after the treatment.

It seems that the best solution is to know the value of our hair and get rid of the factors that cause hair loss. What are those factors? Let's look at them together.

1- Genetic Factors: The genetic factors of men and women differ. In 50% of men, male-type hormone-sensitive hair loss occurs. It is chronic and increases with age. People who have baldness problems in their families are at risk of hair loss.

2- Skin Problems: If the hair is affected by diseases such as psoriasis, eczema, acne, lichen disease, excessively oily skin, fungal diseases, hair loss may be inevitable. Its treatment is possible with the treatment of the underlying skin disease.

3- Malnutrition: Being hungry for a long time, not eating regular and balanced, consuming carbohydrate-heavy foods can cause hair loss.

4- Vitamin and mineral deficiency: Even if you eat a balanced, vitamins and minerals that are not enough in the blood can affect this result. Hair cannot be fed and hair loss occurs because of the lack of vitamins and minerals such as vitamin D, vitamin B12, folic acid, biotin, zinc, iron in the blood. Hair loss can be seen between 1-6 months in people who made a strict diet.

5- Hormonal Problems: If you are experiencing irregular or delayed menstrual periods, if you experience increased hair growth and acne formation, it is useful to have a blood test if your weight gain is accelerated. Hair loss may occur due to all these factors.

6- Drag Using: Drugs used for troit or rheumatism, slimming pills, insulin resistance, diabetes, birth control pills can trigger hair loss. You should consult an expert on this matter.

7- Birth and chemotherapy process: The hair that needs to be loss during pregnancy can sudden loss. Chemotherapy is another reason that affects hair loss.

8- Cosmetic Products: Blow-dry, straightening, lightening and dye the hair, and tying tightly can also cause hair loss.

9- Stress and Depression: Stress is the cause of many diseases, and the same effect is observed for the hair. Blood pressure medications, depression, anxiety, psychosis, and medications used to treat these processes can cause hair loss.

10- Dental Caries: Infections in the teeth can cause sudden hair loss. Our immune system creates resistance against bacteria entering the body with dental problems. In this process, it can damage its own healthy cells and affect the hair follicles.