When do the transplanted haır follıcles retaın, when do they grow?


One of the most appealing questions in mind for people who want to undergo hair transplantation is ‘’ When will the transplanted follicles retain?.’’ Another wondering question is ‘’ When can I get effect from the transplanted hair follicles?’’.

Many people wonder about that what kind of a result will they get from the hair trasplantation process. It is certainly normal for people to have a question like ‘’When will the transplanted hair follicles retain after the operation?’’. Due to the fact that this kind of a possible question that people might have, the retention phase of the transplanted follicles of this process is crucial.

This phase is a short and temporary situtaiton. It is important to be so carefull while this ‘’ Follicle Retention’’ process. It would be a waste of work and time if the transplanted hair follicles don’t retain due to negligence or various kind of reasons after the hair transplantation.

It is obviously clear that when the planted hair follicles will retain. Retention process depends on individuals which means the time of the retention is not same for all people. It is possible to determine an average ending period for the follicle retention although it is not 100% possible to determine an exact day.
How long it takes for transplanted hair follicles to retain with the contemporary technology?

Because of the statistical concerns, the operations that are made before and after the process are recorded statistically. These statistical outcomes enlighten us about the obtained results from the patients and developments about the process of the patients. While analyzing many patients, we had the chance to observe in detail the transplanted hair follicles that how they adopt in their new place.

As a result of these researches, it can be said that it is going to take almost 13 days for the transplanted hair follicles to retain on their own place. While this 13 days, the hair follicles are in an adaptation process. After this 13-days-long process, the chance of getting any kind of harm from the outside reduces at its minimum point. For some individuals, the question of ‘’When my transplanted hair follicles retain.’’ might have different answer than average. Depending on the skin characteristic of individuals’ head, the retention period might lower down to 10 days.


Doctors mention to the point that the process should include much attention from the participants from the beginning of the first day. Besides the wonders about when the hair follicles are going to retain, while the process goes on, the process is critic and carries risk. The process’ duration might change about 1-2 days. For the hair transplantation process, the most critical period of time is seen as the first 72 hours from the end of hair transplantation operation. During this first 72 hours of initial period of recovery, considered hair might get harm and this might affect the results.

The question of ‘’When the hair follicles retain?’’ also brings the cost of it by itself. The hair transplantation process which is carried out with a considerable amount of cost and time should not be deteriorated and put in a risk because of small and unimportant things. While not putting this case in risk, it is important to take action with the knowledge of the length of this process and knowing the fact that adaptation of the follicles will be earned at the end.

Knowing the answer of the question of ‘’When the transplanted hair follicles retain?’’ and having information about this matter, both of these are going to be very usefull for the patients.The holes that are opened on the skin of patients’ head in order to achieve the hair transplantation are so thin. These holes are opened by taking into consideration of the sizes of the holding area of grafts. While this duration, the existing newly transplanted hair follicles conglutinate to the skin and settle down.

What is shock loss? What should be done for it?

Shock loss is a situation of a temporary hair loss of the newly transplanted hair. Shock loss is not same for all the patients in terms of its length and density. It is a very ordinary situation and patients shouldn’t be afraid of this.

No matter when the transplanted hair follicles retain, there are factors that affect the retention!

Details which are related with retention.

- The length of the outside waiting of th grafts.
- Individual age.
- Skin features and suitability.
- The thinness of the cut on canals.
- Technique.
- The proficiency of the transplanters.
- Taking vitamins after the operation.

Factors that should be carefull about for hair strands to hold sturdy:

1-) Head should be protected and it should’t get any damage, hit from outside for 10 days. 2-) Patient need to avoid from swimming in the sea or pool.
3-) Hairs shouldn’t be washed with the heavy press of hands.
4-) Diet should be considered.
5-) While sleeping, patient should avoid from touching his top of head from the pillow.
6-) Hat should be weared and protection from the sun must be provided as much as possible. 7-) Avoid from doing heavy jobs, and do not lift something heavy.
8-) Patient must be in rest as much as possible or work in a relaxed routine.

How it is understood that the transplanted hair follicles are retained well?

For the first days after the transplantation, it is not easy to follow and observe the ongoing situation of the case. The information about the issue should be taken only from the doctor. After the examination doctor might inform you about the issue.

It is difficult for the patient to conclude an outcome by looking at his own transplanted hair follicle swellings. The only good sign for this case is the beginning of relaxation of the head skin. At this point, a wide open and visible change might inform you whether your follicles retained or did not.