When can I wear a hat after a hair transplant?

When can I wear a hat after a hair transplant?

Wearing a hat or a hat after the hair transplant operation will cause the transplanted roots to be damaged and dislodged. For this reason, the person who has a hair transplant should follow the doctor's recommendations to wear a hat or beret.

As you can imagine, rubbing the transplanted area immediately after the hair transplant operation causes root loss. Exceptionally, since hats or berets will maximize this friction, it should be postponed for a while. For three days after the operation, one should be very careful and never use a hat or similar clothing. You can wear a hat three days after the hair transplant and a beret a week later. No matter how careful you are before these times, the use of hats or berets will damage your hair follicles.

How can I close the transplanted area after the operation?

After the hair transplant operation, the transplanted area should not be closed for three days. After three days, the transplanted area can be covered using a hat if desired, but the transplanted area must remain open until this time.

What should be done if the hair follicles are dislodged within three days due to a hat or beret?

If the roots come out due to a hat or any other friction within the three-day period we have given, you should consult your doctor by removing the roots. Your doctor will decide whether to transplant again according to the condition of the hair follicles.