Medical aesthetics are the applications that do not require surgical procedures and change the parts, structure, posture of the body. Generally, injection and technological tools are used. It is preferred due to the fast reco very process and no cuts. Ital sore duces the risk of infection. You can continue your daily activities right after the application.

Factors such as aging, stress, smoking, sun raysde stroy the skin over time. Aesthetic operations that are developed again stvisible symptoms are included in the diagnosis and post-iagnostic treatment method. On the other hand, Medical aesthetics corre sponds to the desire of people to look younger, aesthetic and beautiful. General anesthesia is applied to the face, arms, legs, lips, breasts, buttock sand nose with out cutting or stitching, by technological procedures. More stretched, the voluminou sand plump body can be had by removing wrinkles, sagging, deformations, sweats. It is aimedtocreate a natural and healthy appearance and protect this texture.

There a sonfor interest in this internationally developing field is that people can have the look they want with non-surgical applications. These applications are not required to apply when the person has a disease. It can be applied as required by people's desire to look younger and more beautiful.

Medical aesthetics applications are serious applications from the simplest to the most complex. Here the important things are the safety and health of the patients rather than the practices. Applications for this area can be carried out by people trained in this field. These specialists thoroughly evaluate the patient, create treatment alternatives and have know ledge and experience against the complications that mayoccur.