Medical aesthetics includes non-invasive or minimally invasive technologies and techniques. It usually applied to the skin which requires invasive procedures or it requires injections made under the skin. The filling process applied against wrinkles, peeling process to remove skin blemishes and worn layers, cellulite, regional slimming, mesotherapy process for hair loss and laser epilation are some of the frequently preferred processes.

Lazer Epilation: This method, which is used in most fields of medicine, is one of the medical aesthetic applications. Laser rays dry the hair root by absorbed by the pigment of melanin which gives the hair a dark color. It is a permanent and effective method. This process, which has no side effects, works quite fast. The disappearance of the hair follicles on the surface provides comfort to the person.

Filler: The main ingredient of the filling is hyaluronic acid, which is naturally present in the body. It is a method applied to ensure the reshaping of the face with the filling of very deep wrinkles caused by genetic factors and environmental factors and to look more attractive and have fuller cheeks, more fleshy lips, evident cheekbones. It is also a very preferred procedure in skin sagging, removal of dark circles under eyes, shaping of the eyebrows, rhinoplasty without surgery, deep pimples and scars and re-volumizing the skin.

Skin Care: It is a method that cleans the dead cells on the skin, moistens the cells that will come from the bottom and provides a healthy and bright skin. It provides to tighten your pores.

Permanent Makeup: It can be applied in many areas such as eyebrow contour, lip pigmentation, eyeliner, dipliner, hair simulation.

Medical Skin Care: It consists of processes to remove the factors that cause the skin to look pale. Opening the pores of the skin and regaining the vitality of the skin are provided by steam and oxygen therapy. It provides the clean, comedon and sebaceous glands that are formed due to many factors such as the use of wrong products and wrong cosmetics on the skin, genetic factors, and whether the skin is cleaned well or not.

Dermapen: It is an application that performs hundreds of microscopic perforations on the surface of the skin with the microneedles at the tip and it initiates the skin's self-renewal process through this process. Dermapen application is one of the most effective methods that skin renewal and rejuvenation, fine wrinkles removal, tightening of pores, acne scars and applied against skin blemishes.

Lymph Drainage: Lymph is a colorless liquid that contains water and protein. It is used as a supplement to edema in the body after health problems, postpartum sagging, water retention, and edema, recovery of body sagging, treatment of relaxed muscle tissues, cellulite problems, and slimming treatments.

Mesotherapy: Mesotherapy, (Also known as skin treatment) is the process of injection of amino acids and vitamins necessary for the skin to the required areas. Stimulates structures such as collagen under the skin. With its healing and revitalizing effect, it can be applied to areas with wrinkles, cracks and hair loss.