Uskudar Hair Transplant

Hair transplantation is an operation preferred by both men and women.  Hair loss, also known as alopecia, can have many different causes.  With the development of technology, there have been great developments in hair transplant operations.  It is now possible to get natural looking hair with the latest technology devices.

The place where the operation will be performed for hair transplantation is very important.  It is important for the place you prefer for hair transplantation to be sterile and hygienic, for the operation to be successful and for the period after the operation.  Üsküdar Hair Transplantation performs operations in a sterile environment with its expert team and takes care of it one-to-one after the operation.

How to do hair transplantation?

Hair transplantation is the process of adding the hair in the nape area to the sparse or balding areas.  Although the duration of this procedure, which is performed by doctors who are experts in hair transplantation, varies according to the person and the procedure to be performed, it takes between 4-8 hours on average.

Generally, 3000 grafts are used for hair transplantation.  The number of grafts varies from person to person.  3000 grafts correspond to 7500 hairs on average.  Most clinics, hospitals and other hair transplant places do not process more than 3000 grafts.  However, with the developing technology, it is possible to transplant up to 7000 grafts to a person for hair transplantation.  7000 grafts correspond to an average of 17.500 hair strands.  However, there is a point that it is not an easy process to take and transplant 7000 grafts.

Prices for hair transplantation may vary according to the number of grafts.  Since the number of grafts used in the procedures to be performed by people with sparse hair and people without hair is different, a change in price is observed accordingly.  The person's hair transplant can be done in 2 or more sessions depending on the number of grafts.

 Natural teas and alcohol consumption are avoided for 7 days before the hair transplant procedure.  For 10 days after the procedure, alcohol, natural teas and cigarette consumption should be avoided.

Hair Transplantation

Hair transplantation is done in 2 methods.

FUT Method (Classic Strip Method)

FUE Method (Non-Surgical Hair Transplantation)

FUT Method

In the FUT technique, which is used in the classical hair transplantation treatment method, scalp micrografts are transplanted one by one to the balding area in the area between the two ears on the nape.  With this method, between 5000 and 6000 hairs, that is, between 1400 and 1700 grafts, are transplanted in a single session.  This amount is sufficient if the balding area is not very clear.  In the back of the head, there is a certain limit to the tissue to be taken from the area where the grafts are taken.  In the FUT method, the procedures are performed between 2 and 3 sessions with an interval of 6 months.  The operation varies according to the amount of graft transplanted.

FUE Method

In the FUE method, the hair is taken from the same area.  With this method, between 1000 and 1500 hair strands can be transplanted in a day.  This process can be repeated every 3-4 days.  In the FUE method, 4000 to 5000 hairs can be transplanted in one session.

What to Consider After Hair Transplant

There are a few points that you should pay attention to after the hair transplant operation.  To get a positive result after the procedure, you need to pay attention to the specified points.

The time required to complete the hair transplant process varies between 12-18 months.  For a positive result of your transplant, the process after the operation is as important as the operation period.  Smoking and alcohol consumption are not recommended for 7 days after the procedure.

What you should pay attention to;

  • Minimizing smoking
  • Consuming natural products
  • Not using chemical shampoos
  • Not going to the hammam for 3 months after the procedure
  • Using high pillows for the first 3 nights
  • Not using a headband
  • Not sunbathing for 3 months
  • Not swimming for 1 month
  • Not doing sports for 1 month
  • 3 months of no sun exposure

By paying attention to the specified items, you can complete your transaction in a positive way.  It is important for your treatment to use the medicines given by the doctor regularly.

Possible Situations That May Be Encountered After the Operation

Some problems you may encounter after hair transplantation are very normal.  You may have pain for a few days after the procedure.  You can relieve this pain with the painkiller prescribed by the doctor.

Edema and swelling after the procedure is also normal.  This swelling can last between 2 and 5 days.

Another condition that may occur after the procedure is itching.  Regular use of the lotion given by the doctor prevents itching.  Itching may also occur in the donor area where the grafts are taken for hair transplantation, which will last for 1-2 months.