Things to know about nose aesthetic surgery

People who want to have a more beautiful and more aesthetic nose prefer rhinoplasty surgery.  This surgery is called rhinoplasty.  This type of surgery is among the most performed and positively concluded cosmetic surgeries for nowadays. 
The nose is a structure that is at the forefront in terms of your external appearance and aesthetics. During the operations performed to change this structure, vital functions such as smelling and breathing must be absolutely preserved.  Nose surgery should be successful both aesthetically and functionally.  For this, applications are also performed to solve functional problems such as curvature called deviation, nasal concha hypertrophy called lower turbinate hypertrophy or sinusitis before surgery.
In order to increase the success rate of these surgeries performed today, the doctor who will perform the surgery should follow the technological developments, surgical techniques and current information, together with the experience doctor has in the field of nose surgery.
Nose aesthetic surgery - rhinoplasty
There are some factors that need to be considered in this surgical procedure called rhinoplasty.  There are what kind of aesthetic problem in the nose, the tissue characteristics of the nose, the expectations of the patient from the surgery and the functional conditions that need to be intervened while performing the surgery, the different surgical techniques to be preferred should be determined in the best way.
General anesthesia is used if there are no special conditions in aesthetic surgeries performed in the nose area.  The duration of the operation normally takes between 1.5 and 2 hours.  If there are different situations, the duration of the operation may be longer depending on the surgical technique to be used and the intervention to be performed.
The main principle in these surgeries is the separation of the skin and the mucosa from the bone and cartilage structures, in which instruments applied with incisions made entirely through the nose or partly from the skin part between the two nostrils are used, and the bone and cartilage structures in the nose are intervened with appropriate surgical techniques through different technologies used. It is based on repositioning the mucosa and under the skin by giving the desired shape.  If there are no special conditions when performing aesthetic nose surgeries, there is no direct intervention with the skin covering the nose.