How Successful Is Hair Transplantation?

People who want to have a hair transplant or are considering it should first do the research before coming up with it.  Thus, the rate of achieving the desired success in hair transplantation will be higher.  Hair transplantation specialists and the hair transplantation center where the procedure will be performed should be examined and researched in detail.  Apart from this, the features of the technical and medical devices to be used should also be examined.

A good research on these issues will help you get successful results in choosing a hair transplant.  Choosing specialists for hair, who are known for their successful work, helps to easily achieve the desired results in terms of hair transplantation success rate.  The techniques used and the skills and experience of the experts ensure successful results.

How to Understand a Successful Hair Transplant?

There are some critical points that should be considered in order to increase the success rate in hair transplantation applications.  In a successful hair transplantation, at least 90% of the transplanted hair retains and then begins to grow in a healthy way.  These hairs will not fall out for a lifetime after a successful planting.  This shows how successful hair transplantation is.  Apart from this, the determined front hairline should not be too far back or too forward.  Because the hairline that is too far behind will make you look bald, and the hairline that is too far will prevent it from having a natural appearance as you age.

On the other hand, the hair transplant area should not be left sparse.  When a proportional density is achieved in the planting area, it will lead to positive results in this respect.  The donor area from which roots are taken for hair transplantation should not be diluted excessively.  It is also very important that there are no permanent scars and that the natural appearance is not spoiled during the procedure in the area.

Is There a Correction Opportunity for Failed Hair Transplantation?

Before hair transplantation, patients who want to have a hair transplant wonder whether it is possible to make a correction for the hair transplant if the procedure is unsuccessful.  Even if the hair transplant is unsuccessful, the incorrectly applied hair transplant FUE technology is corrected by a specialist doctor.  One of the important points to be considered is that when hair transplantation is applied for the first time, it is more natural and aesthetic than the corrected wrong hair transplantation application.  Therefore, a specialist should be consulted for hair transplantation in order not to be victimized by wrong application.