How Should Shampoo Be Used After Hair Transplantation?

After the hair transplantation process, at least 48 hours should be waited before taking a bath.  Even if you wash your body during this waiting period, it is recommended that you keep your hair dry.  Generally recommended hair washing is 3 days after transplantation.  After 3 days of treatment, you can wash your hair with gentle and soft movements.  In total, it is important to be gentle while washing your hair for the first 5 days.  Washing your hair gently will not damage the newly implanted hair follicles.

However, after the first three days, you should remember not to keep your hair under the power shower head.  The type called rain shower head that spreads the pressure should be preferred.  After taking a small amount of shampoo in your hand, you should lather well in your hands and apply it to your hair with soft movements.  Then, you should gently pour the water you have taken into a rain shower head or a small bowl over your head.  We remind you again that you should not hold the shower head to your head with direct pressure.

In some cases, itching occurs after hair transplantation.  The donor area, where the follicles are removed, is covered with small red dots in the time period immediately after the hair transplantation process is completed.  In order to remove the itching problem in this area, you can apply a small amount of conditioner to the itchy area.  With this procedure, you will see that your itching is reduced.

One of the complaints that occur after hair transplantation is the formation of dandruff or dandruff.  If there is still dandruff or crusts after 7 days of the procedure, you should apply conditioner.  For dandruff or crust formation that does not go away after waiting 7 days, you should pour hair cream on the affected area and massage with circular and gentle movements.

Do not forget that the information above is general information for the use of shampoo after hair transplantation.  Each patient and event has its own unique problem or treatment.  For this reason, remember that you should follow the advice given by your doctor about hair washing and shampooing.