Healthy Hair Extension Methods

Choose nutritious products

Hair extension takes a long time. So much so that a healthy hair can grow 1 cm per month. If you do not apply the right care methods, you may encounter more serious hair problems in the future. It is useful to stay away from products that say you will grow hair fast. Using nutritious, moisturizing and natural ingredients will help your hair grow healthily.

Treat your hair daily.

Fast hair extensions actually reduce hair naturalness and hair quality. Therefore, regular maintenance of hair is the best way to grow healthy hair. Hair loses its moisture with many factors during the day. Therefore, regular maintenance is required. Against these effects, breaks and breaks begin in the hair that is not treated, the hair becomes weak and subsides.

Prefer daily care shampoos and creams with herbal ingredients.

Make an effort to keep your hair away from chemical ingredients. Applying these chemicals to your hair every day can have consequences in the long term until you lose your hair. Therefore, prefer natural products for hair extensions. Note that the products you use for hair growth are also suitable for daily use.

Comb your hair regularly.

Make sure to comb your hair during your daily hair care. Air intake of the hair follicles will allow the roots to act comfortably and quickly during the hair extension process.

Stay away from heat.

If you want your hair to grow healthily, do not apply hairdryer, hair styling, etc. during the hair extension process. In the process of healthy hair extension, the natural growth of the hair on its own with proper care will ensure that your hair will remain beautiful and well-groomed for long periods of time.

Care with olive and coconut oils

Nourish your hair follicles by caring for a few days a week with oils used in hair care such as olive oil and coconut oil that you can make at home. It will support your hair to grow healthily and quickly.