FUE technique for a fast and painless hair transplantation.

FUE technique for a fast and painless hair transplantation.

Even though hair loss is frequently seen on both men on women, it is difficult to find a trustworthy and permanent solution for it. Although there are various kinds of treatments to prevent hair loss, those may not give an expected solution.To find the most suitable solution for yourself, you need the learn why you have hair loss.

Hair loss might happen due to various kind of reasons such as stress, sadness, using drugs and enviromental factors. There can occur hair loss due to the thinnes of hair strand and problems of the skin. Besides these facts, there can be hair loss on women due to giving a birth and there can be hair loss due to age. Hair loss may cause a negative emotion on people and deteriorate his or her psychology because the looking of hair is one of the determinants of the physical appereance.

At this point, you can find a permanent solution for your hair loss and baldness by using FUE technique, DHI technique and by using the technique of hair transplantation without shaving depending on the characteristic of your hair loss and characteristic of your hair. Depending on the technique that you are going to choose, the process of treatment and recovery period might change and this case affect the price of hair transplantation and hair treatment.

Factors that should be cared about before hair transplantation.

On the initial point, doctor should diagnose the related area of your head for the transplantation process because the hair loss migh have occured due to a drug that you used which means that the kind of the hair loss is a temporary one. At this point it would be a beneficial and necessary attempt to take advise from professionals. If you don’t have a clear baldness problem and it is only that you have a hair loss on an average amount, then you should give attention to the point that how often do you experience hair loss and how many hair strands do you lose each time.

You need to be sure about whether your hair loss is a temporary one or something permanent because there can be experiences of hair loss due to some kind of cosmetics and shampoos. You need to meet with a professional for your hair loss because hair loss may be experienced due to drug usage, lack of vitamins, tooth decay and internal diseases.

After the professional makes the necessary tests to diagnose your type of hair loss, he/she decides which treatment for your type of hair loss is the most suitable and healthy one for you and your body. In order not for your head skin and your body to undergo a reaction, while deciding your treatment style, you need to consult to a professional.

After the diagnosis, the professional that you are going to consult may investigate different kinds of hair transplantation techniques depending on the problematic area of your head. The most suitable technique amond the FUE, FUT (technique without any necessity for shaving.), and DHI techniques is chosen with the accompanying of professionals.

Which hair treatment style is the best for you?

With the developing technology and developing hair treatment methods, hair loss is out of being a huge problem. Hair transplantation centers and hospitals follow this matter closely.

With the technologies that are used in hair transplantation, sparse hair conditions and hair loss problems may be solved permanently. Nonetheless, there are various treatment methods that are useful for hair loss which are generally accepted by the society. Those treatmen methods can be listed as these :

- Standart canal method.
- Mesotherapy
- Hair laser
- Hair serum
- DHI (Direch hair Implantation) technique.
- Mega session hair implantation.
- Sedated hair implantation.
- Implantation without shaving.

Medicine, mesotheraphy, laser and natural resolutions are generally preferred in order to stop hair loss but if the existing problem on the related area of the head is so big to be solved, then these methods may not work. Hair transplantation techniques are the most permanent techniques amond these methods.

Hair transplantation techniques are seperated to 2 techniques in theirselves which are being as FUT and FUE technique. Technique of FUT is not as much preferred as FUE technique because of that it is not as advantegous as FUE. FUT technique is less preferred compared to the FUE technique in recent days.

How is the FUE technique applied.

While some of the hair transplantation techniques are applied by directly taking a part of the skin from the related donor area of the head, follicular unit extraction (FUE) technique is applied without being in a necessity for taking a part of the skin from the donor area of the head, and this technique is more painless. The hair transplantation which could be a painful during the before-after period of the transplantation process and a time taking process, it has now become a fast-ending and painless process with the use techniques such as FUE technique.

While using FUE technique, local anesthesia is applied to the patient for a painless and healthy process and specially designed pointed micro motors are used during all the process. And this reveals that what a detailed job the operations that are made by FUE techique is.

FUE technique which is used for hair transplantation is applied by taking the healthy follicles from the donor area of the patients’ head in order to be transplanted to the related problematic area of the head. FUE technique is a distinct style in terms of the way that is used while the technique. FUE technique is a technique in which the hair follicles are implanted to the problematic area of the head one by one. FUE technique is a widespread technique in which it is more possible to achieve a more natural looking of the head. Because of the fact that there will be no necessity for a sew back operation, there is an advantage for the patient in terms of having convenience while the recovery duration.
It may seem as a disadvantage that the duration of the sessions while using FUE technique are longer than the other techniques but the overall effectiveness ratio of the FUE technique is better that the other techniques. Besides, the duration of the operation changes depending on the area of the head at which the operation will be done. It lasts about 6-7 hours.

FUE technique is preferred because of the fact that it provides a natural looking of the hair thanks to the method that is used while operation which is implantaing the hair follicles one by one carefully by considering their growth direction. In addition to that, the interest to the FUE technique is more than the interest to the FUT technique because there is no need for a incision operation on the head skin (donor area) while using FUE technique rather than that there is a necessity for a incision operation on the head skin (donor area) while using FUT technique.

With the FUE technique, when the transplanted hair follicles start to grow on the problematic area with their original naturality, they also have a strong and lively looking. It is not easily understood that you have underwent an operation of hairtransplantation thanks to the natural looking of your newly growing hair which is due to the FUE technique. It should be searched enough while deciding because that the right choice of the transplantation is as much important as the experience of the professionals who are going to make your hair transplantation.

FUE technique is known as the mostly preferred technique among the other techniques worldwide and in Turkey. Due to the fact that there is no cut of skin or drilling process, this technique is seen as a less painfull and safe process. The opening of FUE technique of hairtransplantation is ‘Follicular Unit Extraction.’ which is globally used since 1988 as being a safe method. In 2002 FUE technique has taken its place in the literature of medicine.

The process after Hair Transplantation.

After the hair transplantation process by usin FUE technique, after he/she rests for 1 day, the patient can go on with his/her normal life easily with the way however he/she wants. The results of the hairtransplantation by using FUE technique reveals itself after the 3th month and the process is all completed after 12 months. The strength and healtiness of the newly transplanted hair after the process catches attention visibly compared with the looking of old hair. During the process, patient does not encounter with any difficulty and can maintain his/her life easily.

For the hair transplantation operations, the most problem constituting case is the bad image of the newly transplanted hair because the transplantation reveals itself visibly in a bad way and the operations cause patient to feel pain which results patient to have difficulty while maintaining his/her life. With the usage of FUE technique this case gets out of being a problem because the technique in which the no-need-for-shaving method is used for the hair transplantation causes this problem to vanish completely.

The answer of the question that is asked to the patients who have underwent a hair transplantation process ‘ How did the people around you find the looking of your newly transplanted hair?’ is that ‘We couldn’t notice that you seem like you have underwent a hairtransplantation.’ despite the fact that they take a close look to the newly transplanted hair of the patient.

Another matter that patients mostly wonder about is that whether will they be able to take a shower after the transplantation or not. Extra care is needed for the area where the transplantation is made on for a 3-days-long period of time. The transplanted area by the FUE technique shouldn’t get wet for a period o time and to provide this condition the patient should avoid from the wheather conditions such as rain and snow. Professionals inform you about when you are going to be able to wash your hair again, thus it is crucial for you to keep your hair dry and to don’t wash it. Generally, professionals let you to wash your hair after 3 day pass but you should still be careful for the possible conditions that you may be in need to consult your professionals before washing your hair even 3 days pass. Another point is that the pillow that you are going to use after the hair transplantation. Because that the hard pillows damages your hair follicles, they are not advised by professionals. You sould also decide which kind of pillows, shampoos and other materials you are going to use after the FUE technique of hair transplantation by consulting your professionals.

The advantages of FUE technique compared with the other techniques.

While using FUE technique, because of the fact that the follicles are not taken from the donor area of the head skin as a whole tissue such as it is done in FUT technique, it is a less painful process. Patients prefer to use FUE technique for a hair transplantation process because there is no necessity for a sew back operation while using this technique. Eventhough the operations that are done for the hair transplantation don’t require such strict procedures like the surgical operations, the patients feel may themlselves bad.

While the FUE technique is on process ( While collecting hair follicles and implanting them to the problematic area of the head.) , because of the fact that there is no use of any kind of cutting tool, the patients feel good psychologically and this situation reduces their fear about the hair transplantation operation.

The FUE technique which is known as the technique which includes no surgical operation, offers a more permanent solution compared with the other hair transplantation techniques eventhough FUE technique includes the least amount of surgical operation. At this point, due to the fact that the healty hair is used while the FUE technique, the patient won’t be encountering with a negative situation. The hair transplantations that are done with the FUE technique : * Gives permanent and effective results. Because of the fact that each strand of the transplanted hair is strong and resistant, an intense hair loss is not seen on the transplanted hair after the operation.
* It is a technique that can be used on everyone. It can be applied on everyone because if there is a lack of donor area, then the hair strands and chest area, both can be used for follicle taking.
* A much more natural looking is achieved with this technique. Due to the fact that the transplanted hair follicles are implanted by considering the natural structure of the hair, the operations are conducted by calculating in detail even the growth direction of the hair follicles.
* It provides a fast and easy applying opportunity. Due to the fact that local anesthesia is used while applying FUE technique, compared to the other techniques, ,it is less painful and short.

There are also hair transplantation techniques that are done by FUE technique which are also called as the classical strip techniques whose names are DHI and TDF, but, because of the fact that there are no incision operations included on the FUE technique and no sew back operation included, FUE technique is seen as a more persuasive and easier technique for the patients.

After 1 and a half year from operations that are done with the FUE technique, the newly growing hair looks like as the natural hair of the related patients’ and the difference between the transplanted hair and the patients’ normal hair doens’t reveal itself clearly in terms of the hairs’ visibility. With the FUE technique, hair is more healthy and lively, so after that point ( after the patient undergoes a hair transplantation with FUE technique.), it is a low possibility for the patient to encounter with a hair loss situation.

If also you are searching for a permanent solution for your baldness and hair loss problems, you can consult to your professionals and get information about the most painless and effective technique of the hair transplantation which is callled as FUE technique. You can get information about the FUE techniques’ price and about its details by consulting the professionals and find the most suitable hair transplantation technique for yourself and initiate the process immediately.