Everything You Need to Know About PRP Treatment

Hair loss is one of the most fundamental problems of our age, regardless of men or women. However, with technological developments, various treatments for hair loss have emerged. The most known and proven of these is PRP. The mean of the PRP is Platelet Rich Plasma. This treatment is used for hair loss as well as wound and skin rejuvenation. Hair loss is reduced with PRP, thin and weak hair is revitalized and becomes lusher.

What is PRP Treatment?

In the PRP process, blood is taken from the patient's body. Then it is separated by a special method and injected back into the body. This plasma content, which is rich in cells called platelets,  is also very effective in healing because it is rich in protein and growth factors. It is also very useful in preventing hair loss and increasing the quality of hair. The most important feature of this method is that it is a treatment that consists of completely natural methods without giving any foreign substance and medicine to the body.

What are the Benefits of PRP Treatment?

PRP prevents hair loss, helps you to have thicker hair by repairing weak hair. It gives elasticity and shines on the skin. It also reduces wrinkles.

Hair Treatment with PRP

Hair shedding over 100-150 hairs per day should be considered as hair loss and needs treatment. In addition to all the benefits we mentioned, PRP has also given successful results in hair loss. In addition, this method is widely preferred because it is applied without the use of foreign substances or drugs and has no side effects.

For the PRP procedure, the person's own blood is taken. It goes through some processing. Then, it is injected into the scalp to feed the roots called fibroblasts. It is also beneficial to apply hair mesotherapy in addition to this process.

Treatment with PRP takes about 30 minutes. Since anesthetic creams are applied, pain is not felt during the procedure. After the procedure, there is no scar and the person can continue his normal life. Since it is an extremely natural method, it has no known side effects.