Breast Augmentation Or Breast Lift?

A woman's body undergoes great changes throughout her life.  Especially during pregnancy and breastfeeding, the problem of sagging breasts is among the common problem points of many women.  Breast sagging often occurs not only in large breasts, but also in small breasts.  Changes and sagging in the breasts can be eliminated with minor operations.  But breast augmentation or breast lift?  It will be much more beneficial to act by knowing which one your breast needs.  Nipple position, demand for more breast volume and the total breast size you want to achieve will be a great answer to your question.

Position of the nipple

The fact that the nipples point downwards or remain below the breast fold line is an indication of the need for breast lift application.  Sagging or loss of volume can cause the nipple to change position, enlarge or enlarge.  In general, when the breasts lose volume and become heavy, sagging of the nipple also occurs.  With the breast lift operation, the nipple can be reshaped.

Breast volume

Breast volume is used to express how round or full the breasts appear.  One of the biggest factors in making the breasts look small is known as weight loss.  In addition, aging, pregnancy and breastfeeding are among the factors that cause the breasts to grow suddenly and then lose their volume.  Re-volumizing your breasts can be achieved with a small operation.  Breast implants give very successful results in this regard.

Breast size

Generally, women request breast augmentation surgery because they are not satisfied with the size of their breasts.  Women want to improve the asymmetrical appearance by having larger and fuller breasts with breast augmentation surgery.  During the examination, your surgeon will present all your implant options and decide on the most suitable one for you.

The first step should be to choose the right surgeon

When you decide to have breast aesthetics, you must first find an experienced, expert and reliable surgeon.  Choosing the right surgeon is of great importance in order to fully meet your demands and achieve successful results after the operation.