We discussed the hair transplantation process, which started with the examination, in detail in our article titled "Hair Transplantation Process". Hair follicles taken from the nape with FUE technique are placed in the ducts opened in the area of ​​hair loss. After this procedure, the patient is dressed and sent to the hotel.

On the second day of hair transplantation, our patient is taken from the hotel and brought back to our clinic. If our guests need to return to their country for the second day, the area where the planting is done is cleaned and they are sent to the airport with our VIP vehicles. The dressing and checks of the region where hair transplantation is performed on the second day are made for our guests who continue their stay. Afterwards, the patient is left to the hotel to rest. Our rested patient is brought back to our clinic on the third day. After the dressing area is checked, the first washing process of the washing process, which will take 10 days, is carried out by us. Our patients, who have completed all procedures, are taken to the airport by our vehicles and sent to their country.

Things to Consider After Hair Transplantation

The care that our patients who leave our clinic will carry out at home after hair transplantation is of great importance for the growth of hair with health and speed. First of all, you should apply the medicines and recommendations given by our specialists without disrupting them.

• In this process, you should stay away from heavy work that will tire you up, sweat you and take a shower. Sweating can damage hair follicles and prevent hair growth.

• You should be careful not to be stressed and anxious. Stress is one of the main causes of hair loss. If the reason for your hair loss is stress, you should definitely stay away from such environments after hair transplantation.

• You should stay away from sexual intercourse for 10 days after the procedure.

• You should never drink alcohol as you will need to use medication after hair transplantation. Alcohol mixed directly into the circulatory system by blood will have negative consequences for newly planted hair follicles.

• You should not smoke for the first 10 days.

• Be careful not to use salt and spices in meals 3 days after the procedure.

• After the effect of local anesthesia passes, it is possible that you may feel partial pain and fatigue after hair transplantation. Anesthesia can also create tension. If you use the medicines given by your doctor regularly, your complaints will disappear in a few days.

• We especially recommend using the neck pillow that we will provide.

• After hair transplantation, edema may occur as a result of lying on the treated area. Do not worry! It will disappear in a few days.

• After hair transplantation, we recommend definitive rest for 24 hours to prevent edema and swelling in the forehead area.

• Do not make any application other than using drugs and solutions given by your doctor after hair transplantation.