What is Laser Epilation ?

What is Laser Epilation ?

Laser epilation is the application of a beam of light created by the stimulation of the rays to the hair roots to prevent hair growth. It is applied in many fields of medical and aesthetics. Approved by the FDA (Food and Drug Administration) in 1997, laser epilation application provides a reliable experience. It is preferred because it is permanent and healthy.

It can be applied to men and women.
It is painless compared to classical methods.
It can be applied to all parts of the body.
Provides permanent effect.
Applied by experts.
The appropriate laser epilation device is determined by examining the hair

structure according to the application area, skin type and color.

Application time can vary depending on the person.
It should be applied in certain periods.
The stiffness and amount of feathers change the duration of action.

What are the laser epilation types ?

The effectiveness of these laser epilation devices, which differ in wavelength, varies according to the skin and hair type and color of the person. The wavelength of the device determines the capacity to penetrate the skin. As the wavelength gets shorter, it increases the retention by the hair root. The pain felt at high wavelength is high, but the differences and settings between the devices may vary.

RUBY LASER: This laser is a suitable option for short hair roots. Shoots at 694 nm wavelength. It is more effective for light colored skin. It is more effective at points such as over lip and facial hair.

ALEXANDRITE LASER: It has a big head. So this laser epilation acts on a wide area. Shortens the session time. It has a wavelength of 755 nm. It does not harm tissues. It acts on very dark skin and dark hair. It prevents pain from feeling with its cooling system.

DIODE LASER: It has a wavelength of 800 nm. It is applied to the skin from a very close distance. It is used with a cooling gel. It penetrates deeper into the skin than Alexandrite laser. It can be applied on all skin types. Due to its long wavelength, it can be easily applied even on dark skin. It also affects ingrown hair roots.

ND: YAG LASER: Developed for very dark skin types. Pain is felt more than other laser epilation types. It is more suitable to be used in special cases determined by experts. It has a wavelength of 1064 nm. It is effective on light colored and fine hair. This effect is achieved thanks to its large diameter tip and long stroke time.