How to take care of your hair at home ?

How to take care of your hair at home?

Everyone wants to have beautiful and well-groomed hair. Caring for hair will be the healthiest way to protect your hair. How should we care? Let's take a look together

1-Do not wash your hair with very hot water.

The water should not be too hot while showering or washing your hair. Very hot water damages the hair roots and the ends of the hair. Very hot water damages hair roots and ends. Therefore, wash the hair roots with warm water. When washing, you should not forget to massage the hair roots. In this way, doing hair care reduces the breaks.

2- Use herbal shampoos

When choosing your shampoo, you should pay attention to their herbal ingredients during and after the hair care. you should use the types that suit your hair type and needs. Let's not forget that healthy hair can only be protected with healthy ingredients.

3- Use thin cotton towels

Thick towels used for drying hair cause the hair to break and become electrified. Using organic, fine cotton hair towels instead of these types of towels is an important factor for hair care. It will prevent hair breakage and breakage. Instead, you can also moisturize your hair by massaging it with your hands.

4- Use blow dryers and hair stylers with care

Blow dryers and hair stylers are applied to hair at high temperatures. Due to high temperature, the hair breaks, breaks or burns can be seen. If possible, you should stay away from these applications, which are very harmful for hair, or use hair protection creams before using them .

5- Do not wash your hair every day

Washing the hair daily with shampoo dries the hair follicles and scalp. For a healthy hair care, the hair needs to be fed with its own oil. Washing hair daily affects this lubrication and moisture balance negatively. Moreover, this application causes thinning of your hair strands. It will be enough to wash your hair 2 or 3 times a week.

6- Protect the moisture of your hair

Hair exposed to many environmental factors loses its moisture during the day.Cigarette smoke, air pollution, stress causes the hair to lose moisture and your hair will start to appear lifeless. It is necessary to care for hair by using moisturizing creams and oils after shower and during the day.

7- Pay attention to the usage times of the products

Pay attention to the instructions for use of the products you use for hair care. Do not apply outside the specified times. The prolongation of these periods causes the hair to dry and lose its vitality.

8- Try to protect your hair against weather conditions.

Hair exposed to excessive sun starts to lighten and causes hair follicles to dry out. Wind and rain also cause the hair to remain moisture-free. This is one of the reasons why hair is easily electrified. You can reduce these effects by using nourishing and moisturizing creams to protect your hair.

9- Create a rich nutrition program

The importance of healthy eating is indisputable. Our diet also affects our hair of the same importance. For this reason, natural vegetables and fruits, legumes, fish and meat should be consumed at the required levels. Let's not forget that those who feed our hair are the foods we eat. Regular nutrition is the main factor for hair care. Hair can regain its vitality and shine in a short time. What we eat is reflected in our body from inside to outside, this is the simplest and most important factor, so you should not skip to get healthy hair.